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Project Management, Contracting, Planning, Vision Scope

We help design and implement your solution when it comes to device drivers and applications. Areas of expertise Linux and Windows Driver (NDIS) development. Got a Network FPGA in need of Ethernet drivers? Come and talk to us.

FastSockets for Linux and Windows


FastSockets is a low latency kernel bypass TCP/IP stack available for different HW platforms. It follows the subscription model and we offer it as a SW+HW bundle. Get a quote here: 

Use Cases

Accelerate and tailor your network stack while keeping interoperable with other, remote IP (TCP/UDP) communication. Get unmatched latencies with low latency 10/25/40/100 Gb Ethernet Solutions which will allow for high message rates using no special networks. Get sub micro seconds of latency / tick to trade numbers in your network. FastSockets are accelerating Wall Street. #ExaNIC_Windows 

One API, Multiple platforms.  You choose.

Another use case is that of acceleration of MEDIA protocols such as Machine Vision (useful for Machine Vision Cameras) / GigE Vision / SMPTE. For this,  frames (images) will be delivered directly into application buffers. #kernel_bypass #zero_cpu_cost #10GbE #25GbE

What it is

With libFSOCK we provide

  • a socket-alike API for easy integration as a communication module to benefit from a lock free approach centric to distinguished RX buffer use by hardware assisted traffic steering.

  • For TX, optional pre-staging data across the PCIe bus results in even lower trigger to response latencies.


Contact us at for further information.

Fields of Application: Trading / Finance / Media .

Remote Execution Facility for Windows


Use Windows for Parallel Applications, Farming,
Movie Rendering, Drug Design, and more ...


e.g. Gene Sequencing




Massively Parallel Computing

HPC Applications

HPC and HPTC include applications and aspects

in the following fields:

High Speed Interconnect Consulting

- Protocols such as RoCE, MPI

- 10/25/40/100 Gbps Ethernet, Infiniband

We will make sure you stay at the surface.



Sequential Application Analysis

- Branch and Bound

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