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Support for 25GbE is available on ExaNIC X25

Happy to share the news of true support for 25GbE environments. With a recent firmware release, true 25GbE support is coming to the ExaNIC family. This enables the NIC to choose to run either 10GbE or 25GbE modes.

How does this affect bandwidth? With PCIe Gen3 we have about 60Gbits bandwidth available and yet we do see 2 ports maxing out the 25GbE available (50Gbps total)


exanic-replay.exe -t 4 -i 1000 -m f.pcap

Reading packets into memory


Aggregate packet send information for 4 threads:

All threads> Packets: 8400000

All threads> Skipped Packets: 0

All threads> Bytes: 11593600000

All threads> Rate: 2.22 Mpps

All threads> Throughput: 24.226 Gbps in 3.782 secs


C:\ExaNIC\bin>fsock_msink.exe -l -D

fsock_msink.exe[5388] FSOCK 4.002-0007-08222021 Copyright NEIO Systems, Ltd. 2020-2021



2148399 pkts in 1.017 secs (2115969 pps) (drops 0), BW (Gbps): 23.699

2148739 pkts in 1.016 secs (2116075 pps) (drops 0), BW (Gbps): 24.200

2148590 pkts in 1.015 secs (2116101 pps) (drops 0), BW (Gbps): 24.210

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