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You got a play with exanic-replay

A few solutions on how to play back a pcap can't deliver the packets in time, achieving line rate or based on a given timestamp. This is what exanic-replay does. Windows. Linux.

exanic-replay.exe -i 10 -m pcap_pcapnp

Reading packets into memory

Read 13000 packets into memory

Thread 0> Packets: 130000

Thread 0> Skipped Packets: 0 Thread 0> Bytes: 662360000

Thread 0> Rate: 0.21 Mpps

Thread 0> Throughput: 9.382 Gbps in 5.648 secs

Usage: exanic_replay [options] <file.pcap>
              -v: Print verbose output
     -d <device>: ExaNIC Device to use [exanic0]
       -p <port>: ExaNIC port number to use [0]
              -m: Prefetch pcap data into memory first
      -n <count>: Maximum number of packets to send from pcap file     
   -t <nthreads>: Number of threads to concurrently send (max: 8)
      -i <iters>: Number of times to replay the file on each thread
        -r <x.y>: Replay at x.y Gbits/s (per thread, not aggregate)
        -R <x.y>: Replay at x.y Mpps (per thread, not aggregate)
              -z: Replay according to packet timestamp

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